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I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.

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  • I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.

    Hi ,

    I have the following vmware version installed in to my xp professional. 86.x64+Serial.

    I did not install any guest operating system in to it i just installed the vmware software.
    Now i want to install LogMeIn software in to vmware(virtual machine).
    is it possible.
    Please suggest me , as i am new to the vmware.
    So please suggest me how can i install it.


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    Re: I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.

    The words +SERIAL on the end of that really leads me to believe this software was downloaded from the internet illegally.

    On the off chance it is legal though, I believe LogMeIn requires you to install a client onto an operating system, what are you wanting to achieve without a guest OS?

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      Re: I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.


      Thanks for your quick reply.
      But i am quite new to vmware so i just want to know the ways.
      As by chance the software downloaded and installed is legal.
      I am accessing a another virtual machine through my installed virtual machine.
      But the other virtual machine owner wants to give me a demo of their virtual machine through this LogMeIn software that should be installed in to my vmware.
      So please tell me that it is mandatory to install the OS first then i need to install LogMeIn or there may be some other way to do it easily.

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        Re: I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.

        For your scenario you will need LogMeIn installed on the other persons virtual machine. LogMeIn does not care if it is on a physical or virtual machine, as long as it has internet connectivity.

        If he wants to demonstrate VMWare to you, he should install LogMeIn on the host.
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          Re: I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.

          I have been using Vmware Workstation on Windows and Vmware Fusion on my iMac for a while now. On my Fusion and Workstation I have Ubuntu, Fedora, Win server 2008 R2, Win 7, Win XP, Win 95, and Win 3.1. I installed Win Server 2k8 R2, first(you can start with any OS you want), then I installed Logmein, once I setup the acct and stuff for the logmein, then I was able to add all the other OS's to log into.

          I also use to work for a software security company and we used Vsphere and Vmware Server, with all the OS's on it for software testing and we had to test Terminal services, Logmein, and Remote Desktop to test the software.

          So it should need to be just installed on one OS first. Then from another pc or mac go to and log into your acct. Then it will on there somewhere it will ask do you want to add more computers. And it will ask you to download LogMeIn on that pc or mac also. Once installed on the second OS, it will be seen by logmein. Once added , click on computer you want to log into, then you will log in with Username and Pass, like you would normally to login to your computer, after that it will connect and your in...

          Hope this helps.
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            Re: I want to install LogMeIn software in to VMWare.


            You probably installed illegal version of the software and it probably came with a lot of projans and hidden spyware.

            LogMeIn is service you can use to manage/configure other computers, not necessarily VMware.