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  • vSwitch0 & NIC Teaming


    I'm new to ESXi 4 and need some guidance on the vSwitch0 & NIC Teaming and I would like to thanks in-advanced for any help from the forum.

    My server has 2 built-in Gbps NIC and only 1 NIC has been using so far until now as we had replaced our old 16-ports 100Mbps switch into a HP Procurve 1000Gbps 24-ports.

    So we decided to make used of the idel NIC and set-it as Load Balancing (NIC Teaming) but not sure is it correctly done.

    Here I uploaded a few screen captured for your reference and hopefully someone could tell us has it be correctly done!

    If not, what would be the correct procedures.

    Thank you.

    Regards / Joseph
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    Re: vSwitch0 & NIC Teaming

    sorry mate, I'm not opening a zip file.

    What are you trying to achieve with the nic teaming?

    If it was me, with an ESX system, I'd personally put the service console (COS) on one nic, and keep the virtual guests off that.

    it's just vmware best practice.. COS on one nic, guests on the other(s) unless of course you only have one nic
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      Re: vSwitch0 & NIC Teaming

      I would split it up in vlans with teaming connected to a redundant switch stack. A management vlan, a iSCSI vlan, and one or multiple guest vlans. The teaming can be based on 802.3ad. I do not know the procurve switch, but I think it needs to be configured also.

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