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VM Block Size

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  • VM Block Size

    I have made a mistake and created a VM (win 200 with 1MB block size. My VM is stored in a datastore that is 420 GB but due to the block size the max VM size is 256GB. When trying to create a snapshot i get an error, I have managed to setup a new ESX server with 4mb block size allowing for larger VMs. When transfering the vmdk file from my old vm to the new store I would like to also increase size of my vmdk. Is this possible to do this? Please note that I run the free version of ESXI. I have followed the following method to transfer the VM. Using the datastore browser (shut down the vm first) I downloaded the VM to a local HDD, created an new VM using a custom configuration and used the existing VMDK to create the VM. In the wizard I am not give the option to increase the vmdk file. Is this possible? Is there any way I can accomplish this?

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    Re: VM Block Size

    Just do as you are doing by moving the VM and making the necessary adjustments to the VM and VMX Files.

    After the aforementioned tasks have been completed. Just edit the Virtual Machine and then expand the Hard Disk's as you see fit.

    Windows 2000 will require 3rd Part Software to expand the OS Drive; however, you can use Diskpart to expand any of the non-OS Drives.