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Capacity planning for a new SAN

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  • Capacity planning for a new SAN

    Hi all - This is my first time posting to this forum, but love this site and what you guys have to offer! So, here's a question:

    I'm working at a company that has 3 ESX 3.5 hosts each with 6-9 guests on them using local disk. We are looking at budgeting for a SAN and the first thing I need to determine is how much physical disk each guest is taking up and, if possible, how much each has allocated to it.

    I have not found a way, although I could easily have missed it, to determine this info from the VMware Infrastructure Client 2.5 (yes... an upgrade of to vSphere and vCenter is coming...) to easily find this info or pull a report. Is there a way? I'd rather not log into each guest and check via the OS...

    Thank you!


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    Re: Capacity planning for a new SAN

    There probably is a way - not too sure in ESX 3.5 though

    I would recommend you do take note of the sizes within the OS's though - as you mentioned you are going to be CAPACITY planning, so you need to get an idea of the % growth of data you are seeing on each server so you can budget for space accordingly - this may be transparent if ou just view it through VI. You don't want to stick in the exact amount of capacity only find you have to purchase additonal disks soon after - much harder to justify to customer/finance department...

    Also if you are going for a SAN it may be worth taking into consideration more than just storage capacity, but try and get an idea of the disk performance you require from each VM/LUN. This helps you dictate the type of disks to buy and the RAID levels to set.

    Sorry if this is of no interest to you or relevance to your post, just my opinion