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Which version of VMware would suit my needs?

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  • Which version of VMware would suit my needs?

    Hello there, my name is Spencer.

    I have one more exam till I get my MCSA, and that exam happens to be the "beast".

    For the previous exams, I had a mini network (x1 W3k, x4 clients) setup in my front room, much to my mrs dismay However, now I have decided to setup a VMware virtual network.

    The configuration will be;

    Host machine (Win7 64 - 6GB Ram - Dual Core x1 SATA drive)
    On this will run in virtual mode;
    x4 W8k (trail modes)
    x3 clients XP/Win7/Vista

    Obviously these will not all be running at the same time because the resources of the host are not adequate.

    However, my question - which version of VMware would suit my needs. I have looked (spent the past 2 hours searching) but it is easy to get bogged down with info.

    I understand that I will need VMware-Server, can I still add the virtual clients to this? Or would I need to use VM ESXi as well as VMware-Server. I'm looking on the site, but its hard to find out which actual products are free, which of the two listed about have a trial.

    Looking at the ESXi product, this has to be installed on a server - going from the ISO download, which then needs to be booted up on an actual server - well, this is not what I need. I want to install a virtual server on my host system. This is getting confusing. I will wait until someone helps.

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    Re: Which version of VMware would suit my needs?

    VMware ESXi is free when you run it on a single standalone system, but it IS an operating system so you would be installing it on your hard drive and booting your physical system to ESXi - from what you've said you don't want to do that.

    VMware Server is free, and there are versions that install ON TOP of Windows or Linux - you then use the Server web console to create virtual machines running whatever operating systems you choose. You could also use VMware Workstation, but you'll only have 60 days to evaluate it before needing to buy a license. VMware Player might be a more simple option for you as it has it's own admin tool unlike Server which you have to administer using your web browser.

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      Re: Which version of VMware would suit my needs?

      I don't think VMWare player lets you create virtual machines. At least not without some outside help. But Microsoft's Virtual PC does. I used to use it extensively on Windows XP. I'm not sure if the rules have changed with Windows 7 and the advent of XP Mode. But its something worth considering.


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        Re: Which version of VMware would suit my needs?

        Hello guys, sorry for not getting back sooner. I did try "Server", but didn't suit my needs. So I gave Workstation a go. This suited my needs perfectly. I not have a VMware network setup with x2 servers, and x2 clients, which is enough for my studies.

        I thank both of you for your input.