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VMConverter breaks IISADMIN (IISRES.DLL file)

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  • VMConverter breaks IISADMIN (IISRES.DLL file)

    I am trying to convert a Microsoft Virtual Machine (VPC) to a VMware virtual machine to use with VMFusion 3.x.

    The Machine converts fine, but when i start it, the IIS is not able to run/start. The error i am getting is:
    "C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\IISRES.DLL is either not designed to work on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using original installation media or contact system admin."

    When I try to start the IISADMIN service, it fails due to the DLL error.

    The IISADMIN is working just fine on the Microsoft VPC. Apparently it breaks when i convert it to a VMFusion virtual machine.

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    Re: VMConverter breaks IISADMIN (IISRES.DLL file)

    reinstall IIS from the media ?

    or just the iisres.dll file?

    also, did you convert from a 32bit platform to a 64bit, or vice versa?
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      Re: VMConverter breaks IISADMIN (IISRES.DLL file)

      Well this is a VM provided by Microsoft so i don't have the original media.

      how do i install just the iisrev.dll file?
      I tried to overide it but it won't allow me access, even if I log in as admin.

      I converted from a 32bit to a 32bit.
      I am trying to run on on a Mac OX 10.x with VMFusion.


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        Re: VMConverter breaks IISADMIN (IISRES.DLL file)

        Did you do a warm clone or a cold clone???


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          Re: VMConverter breaks IISADMIN (IISRES.DLL file)

          I am doing cold clone. I am converting a .vmc file to a .vmx file. Therefore no services are running when i am doing the conversion.
          The IIS ADMIN works perfectly well on the original VPC (.vmc)