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  • Help on software configuration

    My first post. Very new to vmware (newbie).
    This is my current settings:
    One laptop, have 3 different HD for 3 different task that I manually switch to do different work.
    1HD with XP/Prof with different application & VPN to 3 different servers
    1HD with WIndows 7/Prof with different application & vpn to 3 different servers
    1HD with Linux RH with different application

    Will like to use the laptop with windows 7 as main OS and able to work/switch to different OS and application via vmware

    Which vmware software I need to purchase, workstation 7.1 and ThinApp?

    Also I need to know if these is possible
    1) can I copy the XP,Linux HD into a vmware workstation without dong a new OS install? I do not want to re-install all the application already in the XP/Linux.
    What are the options for this?
    2) Can I create more than one XP virtual machine, for application testing.
    3) With ThinApp I can have word 2003,2007 & 2010 as exe file right?
    Can I create these exe from my current XP/W7 or I need to install as new?

    What will be the best solution.

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    Re: Help on software configuration

    VMware Workstation if you want to purchase it or VMware Server if you don't.

    You don't need ThinApp.

    I think you may be able to clone the drive using Workstation but i cannot say for definite as i've never tried.


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      Re: Help on software configuration

      Thanks, It is better to have windows 7 as the main OS or it does not matter?


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        Re: Help on software configuration

        What ever you are comfortable with.

        I have Windows 7 x64 as my main OS with XP and ESXi as VM's


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          Re: Help on software configuration

          thanks for you help.
          Is there a documentation/link of how to install/configure a VM's OS?
          Thanks, Ralph


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            Re: Help on software configuration

            There isn't anything to configure on the host OS. At least i never did.

            From our very good friends at TrainSignal



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              Re: Help on software configuration

              Thanks for all your help. About the cloning or copy of a physical OS HD. I only need to use the VMware converter on the OS that I will need as guest, then create VM in the main workstation server (laptop) and import the converted OS. Are these the correct steps?