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Cannot connect to ESX 6 host - incorrect username and password

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  • Cannot connect to ESX 6 host - incorrect username and password

    Dear Experts

    i need your advice, I have ESX 6 server hosting my virtual machines which I moved to Data center during last weekend. Now public IP address is set in as address for management network, so i was able to connect from vSphere 6 client software to ESX server from my home easily. Unfortunatelly it seems that somebody tried open ports, tried to login several times unsuccesfully and it locked ESX host. This has symptoms when I tried to login from vSphere client I got answer you have wrong name and/or password (but obviously they are OK). Once I go to console and click RESTART all management agents, all is OK for a while, i can login from vSphere client and work with virtual machines. But after some time it happens again that ESX is locked.

    Can you advice what is the best way to protect ESX host from attacks in order not to lock itself again and again?

    Or any better idea?

    Many thanks


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    Why do you need your ESXI host exposed to the internet?
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      Don't expose it to the internet.