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3rd party clients for ESXi 4.x

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  • 3rd party clients for ESXi 4.x

    Hi all,

    Are there any known 3rd party clients for Vsphere 4.x? I still run Win2k Server on my admin desktop, but VMWare's Vsphere client 4 won't run on Win2k. At all. Yeah, I know I should upgrade my machine, but after 7 years, well, that would be painful.

    I tried using VMWare Player to run a Win2k3 vm on my Win2k box, and then use that Win2k3 vm to run the Client, but it's mind-numbingly slow on this old machine. Also tried using a Win2k3 vm on one of my ESXi 3.5 boxes to run the client for the ESXi 4.1 machine, but clients nested two levels deep don't play well together in that way.

    So I was wondering if the VMWare client was part of VMWare's "secret sauce" and only VMWare produces it, or if it was something that was openly documented and implemented by other companies. I've done a few Google searches, but the signal to noise ratio is pretty low.

    Any suggestions (other than "upgrade to Win2k3/Win2k8" ) would be greatly appreciated.