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Cannot Connect to Host from Vsphere Client

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  • Cannot Connect to Host from Vsphere Client

    Hi guys,

    I've decided to reach out for help here as I've literally googled everything and still cannot fix my problem or even begin to understand.

    I am not familiar with vmware at all. This is my first project. I'm having to set up our internal system onto virtual servers. (exchange, ACS, website, etc.). We are trying to downsize. Anyways, I have installed ESXi 5.5 update 2 on my machine. Installation went correctly as far as I could tell. It is pingable and can ping out into the world. Also enabled SSH (but I cannot SSH into it :/). This is an HP Proliant dl380 Gen 8.

    For my test machine, I have an old clunker I found in the office, 32-bit running windows 7 and vsphere client 5.5. It can ping the host. When trying to connect to the root through Vsphere, it times out. This computer is directly connected to a switch with no firewall blocking any connection between computer and host server. I feel like I'm missing a step to make these two connect. There isn't any "How to set this up for dummies" articles out there.

    Also, from my understanding, you have to run a virtual machine on the host to install vcenter?
    Sorry if any of that is confusing or my terminology is off......newbie.

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    Can you browse to the ESXi host using a web browser?