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    host is windows 7. guest is windows xp. i have an old printer a fargo dtc300, it doesnt have the win7 drivers and it never will the company never producted them. win7 see's the printer attached via usb but can't find a driver for it. i have the winxp driver for the guest but that thin print thing seems to be getting in the way. thinks theres a printer on serial one. i think i need to disable thin print. somehow connect the usb port that the printer is connect to directly to winxp then install the driver and it should see the printer connected to the usb port. cant quite get it. can someone help ?? surely someone has had to connect an old printer up to windows 7 without the drivers for win7, then connect it to a winxp guest where you do have the drivers.

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    This is something you will have to decide whether you can trust or not Fargo DTC300 Firmware upgrade. I did a quick Google but I am not prepared to say they are trustworthy. Can't say they aren't either. Bummer eh.

    Only other suggestion is does the printer emulates a device that Windows 7 has a driver for. Many printers will emulate a LaserJet II (or was it III ). Obviously this is a mono printer example and you do lose print capabilities of the newer printer when it has the emulation driver running. Many years ago I had a Star Micronics 24 pin colour dot matrix printer, forget the model number (May have been an NX-2400), but it would emulate an Epson LQ-860. Your device may emulate another print device that Windows 7 does have drivers for.

    If you have Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate then you can install and run XPMode. If you don't have those versions then I have found you can install the files you install before XPMode but NOT install the XPMode file itself because it would not install on a lesser version of Windows 7, then Install Virtual PC 2007 SP1. When you run XP in VPC, you get the option to Attach the USB device to Virtual XP. Since you have XP drivers for the printer device, you should be able to print through XP.

    If that is how you have set it up then it should work. If it sounds too confusing (I don't blame you) then I could try and find the names of the files to install before installing Virtual PC 2007 SP1. Could take me a few days though.
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