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Vsphere and two VM's - 1 (AD/FS) 1(Exchange)

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  • Vsphere and two VM's - 1 (AD/FS) 1(Exchange)

    I am new at this so be gentle. I am looking to install Vsphere on a server and then have 2 VM's. One will be Server 2012 as AD and FS and one will be Server 2012 as Exchange 2012. Is this ok and what do I need to watch out for?

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    Can you give us an idea of
    a) the hardware of the server and
    b) the scale of the business load

    But yes, you should have no difficulty with that environment (note I speak from a HyperV perspective, not as a Vsphere expert)
    Things to watch out for
    a) DIsk IOPS (always the bottleneck
    b) Single point of failure
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      On a single physical server you'll be installing ESXi, also known as "vSphere Hypervisor".

      What you're trying to do should work - so long as your hardware is supported, and you have enough physical resource (CPU, RAM, disk space, disk I/O)

      You could also separate out the AD and FS functions into their own VMs.

      But, with just a single physical server, you will lose all the VMs if you had a hardware failure, or if you had hardware or ESXi maintenance to do.
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