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Stop _folderName (using a pre-existing VHD)?

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  • Stop _folderName (using a pre-existing VHD)?

    Hi All,

    I have VMware ESXi 6 installed on my Host. Using vSphere I am now trying to setup a VM from an existing VHD; however whenever I attempt to do so I invariably end up with two VM folders on my Host (as shown in the attached).

    Here is the process that I am following -

    1). Create a new folder on the Host with the name 'PA-OwnCloud'
    2). Copy a pre-existing VHD to the above location
    3). Create a new VM with the name 'PA-OwnCloud'
    4). Configure the new VM with an 'Existing VHD'

    Once the new VM is created configuration files inevitably end up being put into the folder 'PA-OwnCloud_1'.

    My question is how can I configure the new VM so that all files are contained in the original folder 'PA-OwnCloud'?

    Kind Regards,


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    Rename the VM, and migrate it to a new datastore - all files should end up in a single folder and be named as per the VM display name.
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