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VMDK shrink volume

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  • VMDK shrink volume

    Hi everyone.
    My VSphere topology goes as follows:
    In a physical server of 2TB i created a Datastore (170 GB) and installed a VM with Windows server 2012 R2. Next i created another datastore with 1.6 TB and used it as a partition on my Windows Server 2012 R2 VM to save the user's data. Now i wish to shrink that 1.6 TB datastore and because i have been instructed to install another VM on the same physical server so i need around 300 GB space. I have tried some methods i found online but none of them was straight forward and that was really frustrating. Any help appreciated.

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    Umm... yeah. Nobody does that. Create one datastore and carve it up as needed for your virtual machines. Don't create a separate datastore for each VMDK.


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      I guess you're right and that is what i am gonna do. Thanks for the response.


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        Virtual disks are easy to grow, and hard to shrink - start with them the right size...
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