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deleting redundant VM's. Any Best practise?

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  • deleting redundant VM's. Any Best practise?

    Hi All

    Hopefully A really simple question.

    I have a few old virtual machines which I don't need anymore. These VM's have been switched off for a quite a while and I know want to archive them and then remove them completely from our ESX Cluster.

    I am using a tool from Veeam called FastSCP to copy the datastore files from shared storage to my local machine and while they are switched off I was getting a few errors whilst copying these. This is primarily just to archive before I delete.

    I also want to delete them once I have archived them. Is it just simply me right clicking on the VM and delete the Virtual machine or do I want to remove from inventory and then go into the data store and delete from there?

    Any help or advice on this would be helpful. I just want to make sure there isn't a best practise way for deleting VM's. I want to make sure I do it in a way so I recover the space taken from these old VM's and also vcenter is happy.

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    Re: deleting redundant VM's. Any Best practise?

    Once you have the required VM's archived and your happy with your archive Right Click the VM and select Delete from Disk

    Remove from inventory just removes it from the inventory and leaves the files on the storage device.


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      Re: deleting redundant VM's. Any Best practise?

      It would be best to convert/export them VM's instead of just copying them with FASTSCP.

      Exporting a thin VM (40GB of which 10GB are in use) will be ~10GB in size.
      FASTSCP'ing the same VM to another datastore will take up 40GB of disk space.

      Better to export to OVF/OVA archive - validate that it is working and then you can delete the orginal.
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