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Lost access to volume following 4.1 upgrade

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  • Lost access to volume following 4.1 upgrade


    1 x HP c7000 Blade enclosure
    3 x HP BL460cG6 with dual 5540 Xeons and 48Gb RAM, QLogic ISCSI HBA cards
    3 x HP P4300 Lefthands
    4 x Cisco 3020 blade switches in the back of the c7000, 2 x dedicated for iSCSI traffic
    vSphere Server running 4.1

    The Problem

    We have just gone through the process of upgrading our vSphere server from 4.0 to 4.1 to manage a standalone ESXi 4.1 system, so our attentions turn to our 3 blades running ESXi 4.0u1 we used the built in Update Manager, downloaded the 4.0 to 4.1 upgrade file and we upgraded our first blade and we did not notice any issues as the servers put on there were low use ones. We then upgraded the second and moved our primary mail server onto it.

    It was when we did this we started to get errors where people were losing connection to the exchange server, after some investigation we Event Views and we were seeing the error:

    "Lost Access to volume volume name due to connectivity issues. Recovery attempt is in progress and outcome will be reported shortly"

    Then approx 10 seconds later we get the message:

    "Successfully restored access to volume volume name following connectivity issues.

    This error only occurs on the 4.1 blades, we rolled back a blade to 4.0 and the errors did not get displayed and no errors were reported with the servers on that blade. So as far as we can tell it is not a networking issue since the iSCSI traffic for all blades flows over the same switches to the Lefthands, and we were loosing connection to volumes on both Lefthands.

    We have a call logged with HP on this, but as of yes we can not determine what is causing this issue, nor how to resolve it.

    So any help is greatly appricated



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    Re: Lost access to volume following 4.1 upgrade

    check and see if there are any known issues for your hardware ?
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      Re: Lost access to volume following 4.1 upgrade

      Originally posted by tehcamel View Post
      check and see if there are any known issues for your hardware ?
      We have checked and there are no known issues the driver the iSCSI card uses is the same for 4.0U1 and 4.1