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vmware newbee

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  • vmware newbee

    Hi everyone

    I currently use vmware desktop on my windows 7 machine and am able to operate it well!

    My problem is that i have just built a powerful server, with the aim to run vmware server 2 and virtualise a few extra machine for my test network

    At the moment all i have done is to install windows server 2008 r2 on my server and install IIS as other reviews say to do. I can verify this by typing http :// localhost and get the IIS 7 screen. When i then run the vmware server 2 icon from my desktop it trys to open the webpage but i get the internet explorer cannot display web page window

    Can anyone please give me a link to, or a brief step by step guide on how to get vmware server 2 running on server 2008.

    Any help provided is greatly appreciated

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    Re: vmware newbee

    Vmware server is just a desktop environment.

    If you have a server that is quick enough and has enough grunt try installing ESXi and using that.

    You can get ESXi free from here


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      Re: vmware newbee

      ok.. your post doesn't actually say you have installed VMware server. I don't want to imply that you haven't but your post specifically says you've installed the OS and IIS, but done nothing else.

      So let's start with making sure you've installed VMWare Server...
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