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New Lab with 2012 R2, VMWare or Virtual Box ?

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  • New Lab with 2012 R2, VMWare or Virtual Box ?


    I have a new laptop and would want to play around Windows 2012 and Exchange 2013.

    I have downloaded both eval 6-month (Windows 2012 R2 and Exchange 2013).

    But the vmware station that I have is 8, and I fear it won't support Windows 2012 R2 .

    So, I installed Virtual Box, but when trying to create a new machine, it won't allow 64-bit guests operating systems.

    I checked my Intel processor with an utility and it says "VT" capable.

    Should I turn maybe to Virtual PC for these labs?

    Thanks in advance.
    Madrid (Spain).

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    You need to turn on hardware virtualization support in the BIOS. On most systems it's disabled by default.


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      You might be under the impression that because it's VT capable that VT is enabled. VT capable and VT enabled aren't the same thing. Your computer might be VT capable but is VT actually enabled? Access your BIOS and check.


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        BIOS did it, thanks!

        P.S: Before purchasing it, I tried to make sure that this laptop could host 64-bit operating systems. Funny or annoying thing was neither the supplier (A Spanish wide popular one) nor the vendor ( HP ) would tell me. HP representative just didn't know, nor he scalated the issue, I was shocked.

        So I looked into it myself and the processor (according to intel) was capable to do this, but in another website I read it didn't depend on the processor only, but on the motherboard and other things.

        Madrid (Spain).