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Vmware View Scenario, HELP!

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  • Vmware View Scenario, HELP!

    Hello all!

    Im looking for fresh ideas for a workaround for a solution, hope anyone has some insight on this proof of concept im tyring to do.

    Here's the deal:

    There's 1 central server with ESX4 Update 1, Storage and Infrastucture not a problem.
    There's around 60 spread locations state-wide, with internet connections and 1 regular generic pc on each location.

    Using Vmware View and composer, and with only 1 Template (Very important its only 1), im makin a non persistent VM so user can log into it.

    Now, because of the specific requirements, here lies the problem: On the application level, a user logs into it, and the application matches the physical mac address to the user so that that user can only use that machine, and not go into another one and log into the app.

    The application itself lets users go to another location and log if they have a password mapped to the mac address of the physical machine.

    Even so, if I somehow manage to create that specific VM with a specific mac address, the user wont be able to log into that VM because the server hasnt created that VM yet, and it would take at the very least a couple minutes to create it.

    If i have 60 different pools, then management becomes a problem, since that app gets updated constantly.

    It's a simple security problem for me, because someone with a little bit of brain could go to his home and download the view client and log into it.

    I know all of this breaks with the Vmware virtualizacion concept, but its what I have to work with.

    I hope i made myself clear since English isn't my mother language.

    Thanks in advance!
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