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Move VM from workst.7 to Vsphere cluster

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  • Move VM from workst.7 to Vsphere cluster


    As pre-test of a p2v migration, i've p2v'ed 3 physical boxes ( 2x server 2k3 - 1x nt4 server ) on my client using vm.workstation 7 as vm enviroment.

    Since i'm using a sata hd as storage on my client, i've been experiencing the slow\freeze issue on vm's ( as far as i read, this issue is very common with sata drives and vm.wrkst 7), this issue keep me from working correctly on those vm's.

    So now i'm thinking on moving these test-vm's to a Vsphere cluster.

    I've read that to move those vm i need to:

    - convert to an vsphere vm, using vmware converter
    - export the vm directly from workstation to an virtualcenter host using network.

    The total amount of the vm data, is around 200 GB.

    But since all the vm's are in vmware hardware version 6.5-7 ( so it SHOULD be esx compatile without any conversion ), it is possible to copy directly the vmx\vmdk file and import those vm's in vpshere without the conversion process ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Move VM from workst.7 to Vsphere cluster

    Most probably not. the disk format that workstation and ESX use are not the same by default. SO you will have to use converter to convert from Workstation to ESX
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      Re: Move VM from workst.7 to Vsphere cluster

      Thanks for the info.