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vSphere 6.0 DMZ Networking

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  • vSphere 6.0 DMZ Networking

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to setup an test lab and separate on VM machine that is separate from other VMs.

    I have two physical NICs and two vswitches.

    One nic has a ip of and I have two VMs running on it as this is my own internal nework.

    I want to setup a DMZ using ESXi and use a different subnet

    How would i set this up so the VM that I wish to separate so that it cannot access other VMs in my internal network that is

    I also have tried to set it up using a separate vswitch but I cannot get internet access.

    What do I do on the DMZ switch ?

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    You need to have a think about how you can achieve this outside VMware as the way you have it setup is the way I have it here.

    Dedicated NIC for the DMZ network which connects to a VLAN on my switch which has a route out to the internet.


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      So i will need to contact the provider that hosts my server and ask them to create a vlan on the switch?
      Right now they have it so all traffic to my range of /29 ips get routed to the switch port e0/3 on my ASA firewall.

      I have two NICS on the server to I can dedicate one for DMZ traffic but traffic gets blocked when traffic hits the DMZ port.

      I have created allow any from the DMZ to a specific VM but it still gets blocked. I have ran the packet tracer and this has confirmed this. I do not know why traffic is being blaocked