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Disk related error (vmware workstation)

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  • Disk related error (vmware workstation)


    I am trying to power on a virtual machine (VMWare Workstation 7) but it won't start, popping up the screen I attach (as an image).

    This machine has 4 hard drives, each of wich is attached to a different USB external disk. The drive letters changed in those USB disks, but I realized, then changed those letters back to normal, but still, vmware does not seem to find one of those disks.

    I was wondering if I could have access to a file where I can find how this vmware machine is configured to look for the disks.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Madrid (Spain).

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    Have you tried disconnecting/removing those disks from the VM and powering it on?


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      Thanks joeqwerty.

      The machine is in suspended state. So, I have to power it on, to be able to power it off. But, as mentioned, I cannot power it on.

      The only way (it occurs to me) to disconnect those disk is by editing machine.vmxd through Notepad.

      In that file I see some lines related to the disks.

      Is that what you mean?.

      Otherwise, while the machine is suspended, I can netiher disconnect nor removing the disks.
      Madrid (Spain).