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Setting up a slim (minimal) Windows host for VMware player

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  • Setting up a slim (minimal) Windows host for VMware player

    Hi ! I wish to setup a slim, minimally loaded Windows (2000 or XP) desktop OS dedicated to running just the free VMware player, as a "poor hobbyist's" alternative to the (even free) VMware server for which I don't have the appropriate hardware.

    I'd appreciate advice, ideas, reference to relevant web pages or documents on the subject : what services, files and apps to remove from a standard OS install, conversely, which ones are absolutely necessary for running the player.

    That system would not need to run anything besides the player (well, possibly also Notepad and a couple similar toolz :=) Not even the usual shell, aka Windows explorer... Really what I want is a dedicated "VMware player OS"

    I can imagine several people preceded me on the way of similar projects... but my friend Google did not find relevant pointers - my searching talents are not so great, presumably.

    Thanks !
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    So you want a minimal OS to run VMware Player to run another OS??

    If your hardware is incapable of running VMware Server (deprecated now anyway IIRC) then I doubt it will run a VM on a host OS.

    Anyway there used to be a tool called nlite that would allow you to remove features from XP else start browsing through these


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      It's old hardware - over 10 years old - that still runs, say, Windows Seven in a VM acceptably (XP host). My host has one giga byte of memory, the idea being I 'll be able to provide most of it to the guest. The problem with VMware server is not so much of performance per se (although of course my CPU not great by today's standards), rather, AFAIK, VMware server was compatible with a restricted set of server HW (including motherboard chipsets) that did not include this old desktop. Missing motherboard drivers for VMware server is a non-starter isn't it ? I shall look at nlite and browse thru the search results you binged. Thank you !
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