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increase a virual disk by adding a new physical drive ?

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  • increase a virual disk by adding a new physical drive ?

    Hello Folks,

    Pleas dont shoot me down for asking this as I fear it may have already been answered somewhere and my searching is poor and as yet not turned up the answer.

    I am fairly new to VMware, previous employment was mostly MS Hyper-V and still is to an extent.

    Hower to the point in question I have a single host (VMware ESXi 5.0.0) with one single VMware guest 2008R2 server on it and the C: drive is rapidly running out of space. The existing hard disk aligned to virtual hard drive has 10Gb free to extend the virtual disk with.

    Therefore my thoughts are I could add another one or two new physical disks and add them to the datastore that is aligned with the virtual C:\drive of the guest server, would I then be able to extend the exisitng C:\ virtual hard drive, with the new disk capacity from the two new physical drives added?

    Hope this makses sense, and hoing this is correct, and I get out of jail!!

    Many Thanks,


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    Sounds like it would work.
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