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vSphere Replication/Failover/HA Question

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  • vSphere Replication/Failover/HA Question

    Hi all,

    Im not sure if this question has been asked many times but I've searched through and cannot find any specific questions/answers. I've also searched and read through most of the vmware documentation but I apologise if i have missed something which answers my question!

    We have 2 identical servers with the same storage, same processor, same memory etc. I know within Windows it would be pretty simple to create all the necessary virtuals and just simply configure HyperV Replication to constantly replicate to the second server. In the event of an issue its just a case of logging onto the second server and clicking Failover. It would then bring the server online how it was 5 minutes ago. Off the customer goes again... job done.

    The question I have is How can we achieve the same thing but within VMWare - I understand the process is manual which is fine. I also know there is vSphere Replication but from what i have read it seems to just be across sites? Rather than locally.

    I also understand the best option would be shared storage but to keep cost down we are re-using 2 identical old servers and wanted to achieve the above basic failover we had with Windows.

    Any advise or pointing in the right direction would be great!