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how to install Mac os in Vmware

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  • how to install Mac os in Vmware

    I have Intel core 2 duo sp3 windows xp.Trying to install Snow Leopard using vmware Workstation 7 and Darwin ISO.I get one of the following error messages "The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system" or "invalid front-side bus frequency 66000000".Can you please tell how can i install Snow Leopard in
    vmware Workstation 7.

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    Re: how to install Mac os in Vmware

    I have found a brilliant howto guide here with comments, let me know how it goes;



    Link indicates how do do the install but is in breach of the licence agreement so has been removed.
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      Re: how to install Mac os in Vmware

      Note the first paragraph:
      How to install Snow Leopard in VMWARE 7 and Windows host ? Virtualization of Snow Leopard (Client) is not officially supported/allowed by any virtualization solution. However a few modifications to the .vmx file and use a modified install disk as this will save a lot of trouble. Let me clear Apple licensing does not allow for the virtualization of OSX Client on any hardware and only allows for the virtualization OSX server on Apple hardware. Anything else is in violation of the license agreement. This article is for informational purposes only, you can never achieve full utilization of Mac OS X on VMWARE. So if you like the Mac then go ahead and buy a Mac.
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        Re: how to install Mac os in Vmware

        Now that you have Workstation 7 installed, you need a pre-configured VMware virtual machine file to install Snow Leopard on top of.
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          Re: how to install Mac os in Vmware

          What you are trying to do is breaching your license agreement.
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            Re: how to install Mac os in Vmware

            Admittedly i have done this before. But i wouldnt waste time on it. It runs like a dog. You can try emulating it with PearPC but this also takes alot of system resources. As already said though your in breach of the EULA.