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Help : Problem with DvSwitch

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  • Help : Problem with DvSwitch

    I made a serious problem when adding vmnic to dvSwitch.

    I have an ESXi 4.0 Server with below parameters :
    • ESXi Server with only one physical NIC with IP Address :
    • Virtual Machines :
    • vCenter :
    • Some other Virtual Machines

    All Virtual Machine's Network Adapter were belonged to VMNetwork (Standard Switch).

    I move my vmnic (physical network adapter) to DvSwitch, and off course, I lost the connection to my Server or vCenter (because they still connect to Standard Switch, and Standard Switch have not any vmnic connect to).

    I have no solution for this case (unless reinstall ESXi Server).

    Please help me.

    Thanks so much

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    Re: Help : Problem with DvSwitch

    Hey trungpb,

    I am not sure on how to quickly fix your issue, but thought I would throw a few ideas out. For ESXi I would enable the "hidden service console", which can find here. From there you could use the esxcfg- commands to attempt to recreate your Service Console, link that may be helpful here. I am not aware of the commands, or if one exists, but hopefully you can use the SC to remove the pNIC from dvs and add it to your newly created standard vswitch.

    Hope this is helpful,



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      Re: Help : Problem with DvSwitch

      ESXi doesn't have a service console port however, it uses the VMkernel port.
      Since you moved your physical nic to a dvSwitch and you probably didn't moved the VMkernel port. However you can try this to create an additional port group

      esxcfg-vmknic -a ‘<Port group>’ -i -n

      However, this won't work is the old vmkernel still exists, so you might to delete that one first.
      Anyhow, please read:
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