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  • ESXi4 Network Question

    Hi All,

    I am setting up ESXi lab at home and got 1 x dual port Intel GB NIC.
    I want to whether this is possible to setup with what I have got atm. I want to setup two networks - in a way, so that 1 network is connected to internal only and 1 network is connected to LAN/Internet.

    For example, like WSUS, I want it to be able to connect to LAN/Internet and at the same time it is available to internal network.

    I hope my question make sense, if not pls ask me for more clarification
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    Re: ESXi4 Network Question

    It seems to me (with how I read your question) that you could just give the two networks different IP schemes and they would not see each other (except for machine with both schemes)

    Your NIC cards could be setup as
    IP: (or whatever the router / DHCP gives you)
    Gateway: (or whatever your router might be)

    Gateway: <blank>

    ESXi might be:
    Gateway: <blank>

    If your gateways on #2 and the ESXi are blank they will never look off their network for anything (IE: No internet), but could see each other if they are in the same subnet (IE:



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      Re: ESXi4 Network Question

      The way to do this would be:

      On vmnic0 create a VM Portgtoup and assign the virtual machines in this portgroup the IP's 192.x.x.x range (either Static / DHCP)
      On vmnic1 create a VM portgroup and assign the virtual machines in this portgroup the IP's 10.x.x.x range (either Static / DHCP).

      The virtual machines that should be connected to both Subnets should be connected to both MV portgroups (networks)

      Hope that helps you out.
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        Re: ESXi4 Network Question

        Thanks for the replies.
        I ened up adding a new vSwitch1, but no physical adapator associated as I only got one . I use that vSwitch1 when setting up new servers. It was alright, until when I tried WDS - I am getting PXE-E55: ProxyDHCP service did not reply to request on port 4011.

        At the moment, my setup is as below -
        DC01 - 192.168.0.x/ DNS
        SRV1 - DHCP/WDS

        From the research, this error probably related to the fact that one physical NIC has two IP addresses - link. even though it only mentioned w2k3.