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Create backup vmdk sync'ed with running VM

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  • Create backup vmdk sync'ed with running VM

    I'm new to VMWare, so I had help spec'ing out a new system that consisted of two Dell T610 servers, VSphere 4 Essentials bundle, Netgear ReadyNAS Pro, vRanger Pro, and Paragon Drive Backup. I had the Netgear ReadyNAS NFS connected as datastores for both ESX hosts, but I had problems running VMs on them because the NAS would become disconnected for apparently firmware reasons. I updated the firmware, and things seem to be relatively stable, but I lost confidence in running VMs on this NAS. Consequently, the VMs are running on the local drives and doing backups to the NAS.

    Here's the problem I'm trying to solve: Is there a way to backup the vmdk file of each VM to the NAS and keep this backup relatively sync'ed up to the running VM (say within 30 minutes), so that if an ESX host or physical server goes down, then I can switch to the backup vmdk for the other ESX host?

    I've been googling for a solution all evening and haven't come up with anything.

    Thanks for all thoughts.

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    Re: Create backup vmdk sync'ed with running VM

    I believe I have an answer for this. I am going to run the VMs from the NAS, but I will set up NIC teaming for both servers to the switch and for the NAS to the switch. I can use vRanger to perform a full backup in the evening and incremental backups every hour after that until the next full backup to the local drives of both servers. That way, I can run the VMs from either server if the NAS goes down and one of the servers goes down. Probably a lot of excess redundancy here, but it should work.


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      Re: Create backup vmdk sync'ed with running VM

      bear in mind the downtime it will take if you need to restore the vm.

      it sounds like you may benefit more from HA.... setup iscsi on the nas if you can and do it that way..
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