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  • VMware Esx 3.5

    Dear Friends,

    I have few questions, pls answer asap.

    a. What exactly the VMotion requirements?
    b. What is VLAN in VMware? Explantion need for Trunk port?
    c. Difference between Cloning and Template?
    d. What are the real time issues, while converting the physical machine in to the Virtual machine?
    e. What are roles should suppose L1 guy need to maintain in VMware environment????

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    Re: VMware Esx 3.5

    Do you know of a website called ?
    It may help you on most of these questions
    Tom Jones
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      Re: VMware Esx 3.5

      a) vMotion is moving a virtual machine from one ESX host to another without any downtime (It might drop a couple of packets) In order to perform vMotion you require the correct license, at least two hosts in the same DRS cluster with access to the same shared storage and networks. The VM needs to reside on the shared storage as well. A dedicated 1gb nic is also recommended

      b) VLAN is a virtual LAN. It allows you to have multiple LANS across the same physical infrastructure. It also allows you to limit the broadcast domain for each LAN. Trunks are connections from switches to switches that allows the VLAN to pass from one switch to another.

      I'm not the best at explaining networking so apologies if this does not have sense.

      c) Cloning is like making a copy of a virtual machine including the SID. This will cause you issues down the line if you clone all machines as they will all have the same SID. Templates allow you to copy a machines but then use sysprep to generate new SID's

      d) To many to list

      e) Depends on your business requirements and the users job description. At a minimum I would say log into the host and connect to the console.

      Michael Armstrong
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        Re: VMware Esx 3.5

        Appriciated your help for me on this regard....