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Add server to vlan

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  • Add server to vlan

    I install two new servers but i cannot add new host in vSphere 4.0, I did not add them to a vlan during installtion. how can I add them to vlan 1 so i can add them as a host?
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    Re: Add server to vlan

    You'll need to configure the vswif portgroup for vlan tagging. Do you have access to the service console of the ESX host? If so, run the following command while logged in as root at the Service Console:

    /usr/sbin/esxcfg-vswitch vSwitch0 -p "Service Console" -v 1

    vSwitch0 = the vSwitch your Service Console port group is on.
    "Service Console" = is the name of the Service Console port group vswif0 is attached to.
    -v 1 = the vlan to be tagged. You mentioned vlan 1.
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