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Unsure about which VMWare Product to Use

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  • Unsure about which VMWare Product to Use

    Presently, I have five remote sites that are running active directory, dns, exchange, symantec anti-virus server and wsus on Dell 830 and Dell 6500 laptops.

    I will replace each Dell laptop with a Dell R610 server (supposed it is good for virtualization). Also, I plan to have some type of NFS storage such as a Buffalo Terastation to backup the virtual machines.

    My instinct tells me to go with VMWare Server 2.0 for ease of installation and management.

    My boss wants me to go with VMWare ESXi since this too is free. I personally think it is overkill for a one server solution. However, I believe ESXi offers consolidated backup whereas Server does not.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: Unsure about which VMWare Product to Use

    VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup) doesn't come for free with ESXi. You'd have to use a pay-for backup method, of which several exist, or a few free scripted versions.

    I'm biased towards ESXi and havn't really liked VMware Server since the 2.0 version when VMware bastardized the interface with the TomCat web crap. To run ESXi you'd want to be sure it's on the HCL. ESXi is more powerful. You could of course run VMware Server but you'll need a Windows license or run it on Linux if that's your forte.

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