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Converted Windows 2000 Server - No Network

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  • Converted Windows 2000 Server - No Network

    Hello all...

    I have a windows 2000 server that I converted using VMWare Converter to our VMWare ESX 3.01 server. It seems to have converted fine - except for the network card.

    When I go into the device manager on the VM, there is a yellow ! next to Network Adapters-->VMware Accelerated AMD PCNet Adapter #7.

    VMware tools is installed on this machine. I have tried to remove the NIC and re-add it and nothing.

    I have another Windows 2000 Server on this VMWare ESX server - and the network card works fine. The only difference is that the one that works was created from scratch as opposed to converted.

    Has anyone out there see this? Any ideas on how to make this work??

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Converted Windows 2000 Server - No Network

    From memory the ! is a sign that there is an IRQ conflict.

    Try removing un-necessary ports and devices from the virtual machine, i.e. Serial ports, LPT ports, CD Drives, etc, etc.

    I would also remove the NIC card from the settings.

    Power on the server and see if there are any conflicts then add the NIC back to teh system and see if you get any conflicts with it.


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      Re: Converted Windows 2000 Server - No Network

      That's really odd.. I've never seen a virtual NIC failed in device manager. I'm driven towards the #7 - is this the only virtual NIC in the VM? Can you show hidden devices and delete all other hidden (thus unused) NICs? There's a MS procedure to show hidden devices device manager which involves running a command from the command prompt and then launching the device management MMC from that environment. Let me know if you need further direction on that. On that same note, the virtualized hardware (motherboard) has a finite number of virtual PCI slots (6 if I remember correctly). If you've got more than 6 devices, hidden or not, stacked up, that may be the problem with #7.

      Somewhat related, you're running an old version of Windows (2000) with limited support and your version of ESX (3.0.1) isn't far behind. Best get those components upgraded when you have the chance. Who knows, your bug may be caused by the ancient version of VMware Tools you're running which could be resolved in a newer version of the tools, but a new version of ESX is required before you can put the new tools on.

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        Re: Converted Windows 2000 Server - No Network

        The procedure is as follows

        Start-> Run -> CMD

        set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1


        View-> Show hidden Devices

        remove anything that is greyed out
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