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Virtual Lab Setup using VMware

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  • Virtual Lab Setup using VMware

    Hi guys i'll go straight to the point. Here is what i want to do, I want to install 2 or 1 Windows server 2003 in my PC using Vmware. My questions are:

    1. What version of Vmware should i install?
    2. Can my Host PC be a client once i installed the Servers?
    3.What are you're recommendations?

    My PC Specs:
    OS: Windows 7 Utimate or I can get back to Windows XP sp3 if Needed
    RAM: 2 Gig i'll add 2 more Gig if needed
    Proc: Dual Core 2.6 Ghz 2 MB L2 Cache
    Video: Gforce 9800GT
    HDD: 320 GB

    For the installations i'll just follow the instructions that i've seen here.
    Any Suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Need this for exam preparation.

    There is only one way to find Out..Its to try it and/or Do it...

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    Re: Virtual Lab Setup using VMware


    Use VMWare Server, or Microsoft VirtualServer dependant on which you feel is a better fit.

    You can definitely have the host PC by a client of the servers once they are installed, provided your network configuration is valid.

    I'd definitely add more memory to your configuration - running two virtual guests will chug your machine into the ground, so forget using it for normal desktop stuff.
    Video is, in most respects, not at all important for virtualisation.
    You may require more harddrive space for the guests, it just depends on how much you wish to give them.
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      Re: Virtual Lab Setup using VMware

      I have VMWare workstation 7 running on Win & ENT x64 using E4600, 4gb ram, and 2x 320gb disks.

      The only issue i have is that my CPU does not support Virtualisation Extentions ( so I cant load X64 VM's.

      Other than that I usually have 4-5 vms running at any time and I am happy with the performance. It does help to split the VMDK's over multiple spindels as you can very quickly reach a bottleneck.

      I also have a IBM T61 laptop with a T7500, 4gb and single 160gb disk which works like a charm too just not as well as my workstation.
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        Re: Virtual Lab Setup using VMware

        Ok thank you so much guys..
        There is only one way to find Out..Its to try it and/or Do it...