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  • About esx logs

    Hi everyone,

    I have couple of questions,

    Our customer has 2 hp dl380 g6 servers.I had installed esx 4.0 to servers.One of the servers (hp dl 380 g6 -esx 4.0 installed) started rebooting unexpectedly (both of them new server) then hp replaced other server's mainboard and its ok now. But for the other server our customer said "we could not reach to server (virtual machines and esx server ) esx server is running but there was some red writes on the screen initializing blah blah. ) they didnt take note of error. when i view log files of esx i see something like "


    Feb 14 00:01:01 esxtest syslogd 1.4.1: restart.
    Feb 14 00:01:04 esxtest syslogd 1.4.1: restart.
    Feb 14 01:25:59 esxtest sfcb[2439]: INTERNAL System::loadConfigurationData()::Failed to open configuration file: /etc/cim/lsi/lsi_mr.conf
    Feb 14 04:25:47 esxtest sfcb[12133]: INTERNAL System::loadConfigurationData()::Failed to open configuration file: /etc/cim/lsi/lsi_mr.conf


    Feb 16 12:20:01 esxtest vmkernel: 25:01:18:06.453 cpu8:4213)WARNING: SCSILinuxAbortCommands Failed, Driver hpsa, for vmhba0

    it goes like this. i dont know if its related to hp or esx there a patch to install to esx server or flash update to hp bios ? and what those logs mean ?

    note:i didnt install any patch to both of esx server and hp for now


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    Re: About esx logs

    VMware releases patches on a somewhat regular basis, about one release every 6 weeks or so. Do you use VMware Update Manager?

    A bootable HP firmware CD (.iso) can be downloaded from HP's site. It's part of the Proliant Essentials media (formerly named Smart Start)

    Aborts are issued when a previous disk I/O command fails. It goes without saying, Aborts are not good to see.
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      Re: About esx logs

      Thank you.
      Yes they have update manager i will check if there is a patch related to hp.
      sorry its not clear for me. so you mean there are i/o problems and it may be related to disk ?