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Getting rid of the /ui/# at the end of webaccess url.

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  • Getting rid of the /ui/# at the end of webaccess url.

    Ok, i have been googling, and googling all morning and i cannot seem to get rid of this problem.

    I have a VirtualCentre server with Webaccess enabled, the url leads to the welcome page of vSphere, lets say Then on the left you can click on web access which takes you to , once authenticated it displays

    Something that i find that does NOT look professional towards customers so it must be changed. I have a separate box running MS TMG and I am trying to publish a website using TMG ( except its not working.. it still just drops me on the vSphere welcome page...

    Any suggestions ?
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    Re: Getting rid of the /ui/# at the end of webaccess url.

    What defines professional anymore in a URL, especially with the mess that dynamic content makes of it?

    If this is your biggest problem, I'd say you're sitting pretty good.

    Short of that, I don't know how to change it. Contact VMware Support. 1-877-4VMWARE

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