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ESX 3.5 and SAN via openfiler

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  • ESX 3.5 and SAN via openfiler

    I have an ESX 3.5 server, I have my openfiler setup as a LUN SAN on another physical machine. I connected to the SAN via windows and Formated it. I even put a few files on it. So the SAN is working.

    I then went to my vmware server and linked to the SAN via Storage Adapters. I created the path and it sees the 29 GB drive ISCSI SAN. In ISCSI software adapter.

    I went to storage to see if I could see the drive but the only storage that shows up is the internal VMWare storage that shows the Datastore Browser shows my VMware Machines.

    Can someone tell me how I can see the contents that are on the SAN through VMware Client? The adapter seems to be configured, Status is enabled, Dynamic Discovery shows the ip. I am not using any security etc.

    I would like to make a copy of my virtual machine files to the SAN.

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    Re: ESX 3.5 and SAN via openfiler

    Sorry found the part I was missing, the only problem was I had to destroy all data on the LUN to use in VMware. I guess I'll create another LUN for windows to play with.

    Here is the part I missed the first time:

    Step 5 - Verify that you have access to the new iSCSI Storage array
    To verify that you can use the new iSCSI SAN volume, you should add a VMFS volume on it by going to the storage section, then clicking Add Storage. Here is what the 100GB array will look like with a VMFS volume on it: