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guest os hosted vmserver vs vmware 3.5

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  • guest os hosted vmserver vs vmware 3.5

    I installed vmserver on top of my windows xp machine. I created to virtual machines win 2003 server and win 2000 server. They work great.

    I guess vmserver installed on top of a guest OS is great for training. But how does it differ then vmware 3.5? Is it that the guest OS method really can not be used in a real environment?

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    Re: guest os hosted vmserver vs vmware 3.5


    VmWare server is indeed good to get familiar with virtualisation. I don`t recommend it for production environment tough...
    ESX server (use version 4) is far better. It is bare metal install, and has far better performance than VmWare server... It has also better backup options, you can use VmWare vCenter (or vSphere)...

    Main difference is in management, performance and stability.

    If you have an option, use ESX...