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ESXi 4.0 load .ISO from USB HDD?

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  • ESXi 4.0 load .ISO from USB HDD?

    I have ESXi 4.0 set up and vSphere on a client computer. I would like to create a few VMs but it is slow to load a DVD across the network and my available space is limited for copying the .ISO to the ESX server.

    Is to possible to use passthrough so the the IDE/CDROM device in the VM sees the .ISO on an external HDD plugged into the USB port on the ESX server?

    I recall when experimenting with Hyper-V you could do this.

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    Re: ESXi 4.0 load .ISO from USB HDD?


    I didn't try to load a CD-DVD or USB Key on the ESX hardware server, but to easily made my installation on ESX I've installed OpenFiler on a small computer and just made an NFS share. Then I mount the NFS share under configuration / storage and voilą!
    That don't take so much time to copy a 4 Gb ISO file and the ISO are available for all my ESX servers.




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      Re: ESXi 4.0 load .ISO from USB HDD?

      Great idea, thanks.
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        Re: ESXi 4.0 load .ISO from USB HDD?


        I am running vmware 3.5 can I use openfile to create a san\nas that both my windows machine and vmware server can see? I have my ISO file on my windows xp machine. But have no idea how to get the ISO file to vmware to install windows 2003 server.

        Not sure what version of openfiler I would need my OS is 32 bit on both windows and vmware server

        This seems to show you how to install openfiler. It is rather complex, would there be an easier way?

        After one creates an openfiler source drive, that hopefully my windows and vmware 3.5 can see, where in vmware can I tell it where this drive is located as well as the file?

        I am afraid that my inexperience in Linux is holding me back on this.
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          Re: ESXi 4.0 load .ISO from USB HDD?


          I've download the ISO installation, not the Appliance.

          When OpenFiler is installed and configured, the share is mountable (does this word exists ?) as a NFS share.

          You need to install the Unix services under windows or a windows addon ta mount the NFS share. Under Linux, just "mount ..."