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New To Virtulization

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  • New To Virtulization

    Hello All

    My boss thinks virtualization is the way forward so off i went I download ESX server 3.5.0 on a HP server then i download a convertar standard alone client Then i convert one for our server which completed successful but my amaze ment The ESP server has been running for aboiut two weeks nobody has noticed anything but looking on the events i'm getting issues detached on localhost in hadatacentre vfat 2583 possiable fat corruption! what does all this mean?

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    Re: New To Virtulization

    I am not at all clear what you exactly wanted to brief here. Can you be more precise on the issue...what issue are you facing?


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      Re: New To Virtulization

      It sounds like you have installed ESXi to a USB drive and booting from this? This is also known as ESXi embedded.... Is this correct?

      If it is then you have corruption in the USB drive.


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        Re: New To Virtulization

        No install it to a HP server with raid 1 + 0 The event say
        Issue detected on in ha-datacenter: VFAT: 2600: Possible FAT corruption!: offset not found: 0x400, length 10752, seekOffset 0x400. File length: 11694, status: Limit (96:18:09:30.310 cpu1:29288909)


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          Re: New To Virtulization

          first up - if this is ESX and not ESXi, then you'd better get your SnS contract sorted out (licenses!) before the timer expires, cause then you can't manage your virtual guests
          (which may not matter if it's a test server)

          it sounds like you may have a USB disk or something connected ?
          ensure you don't have any removable devices connected..

          tryt checking this post also:

          suggests it could be a diagnostic partition on the server maybe ?
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