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vmware server web access service won't start

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  • vmware server web access service won't start

    Hi Guys

    I installed Vmware 2.0 in my Xp machine and worked for some days.
    After somedays I stopped working in Vmare.Now if I tried to login it shows "Service Unavailable Error". I cross checked and come to know that "vmware server web access service" is not starting. When i try to start it, its getting started and stopped immediately.I tested both Automatic and manual start.
    No error log in event viewer also.

    I also uninstalled the vmware and again installed. The problem persists.

    Please suggest me what is going wrong from my side.


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    Re: vmware server web access service won't start

    My first guess would be that you have a web server or another application that might be using port 80 / HTTP.

    Sometimes other apps like network management tools will have a web interface that runs, even if you didn't intend to use it.
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