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vmware server 2.0 guest migration to ESXi 4.0

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  • vmware server 2.0 guest migration to ESXi 4.0

    Dear sirs,

    We are trying to migrate Suse 10 guest that lives in VMware Server 2.0
    to ESXi 4.0.1 host.

    When we boot guest in ESXi 4.0.1, it freezes each time, in different place.
    Settings vm are:

    2 CPUs,
    1 NIC,
    1 cdrom scsi,
    1 disk LSI Logic Parallel.
    3600Mb memory
    Suse Linux Enterprise 10 (64bits)

    How can i debug this problem?

    To reduce effect of freeze, we disable services on boot. Also, if we assign
    only one processor to vm, this works properly.

    Thanks in advanced,

    Jordi Renye

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    Re: vmware server 2.0 guest migration to ESXi 4.0

    My best guess here would be that you have wrong disk types on your WmVare server, since by default VMWare server uses Thin provisioning, which then ESXi 4 now also supports, however, it is in a different format. So you need to convert your VMDK files into a single file in Thick provision, as you have already copied the files.
    You may convert the files with the vmkfstools utility, which you have on your ESXi server, and is accesible through the the VCLI interface.

    Another work around would be to use the VMWare converter utility.
    Simply convert the Virtual machine as it would be a physical machin into your ESXi server. That should do the trick as well.