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Upgrading Esx 3.5 to Update 5

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  • Upgrading Esx 3.5 to Update 5

    Greetings all,
    I realize I can post this on the vmware site. However I was on this site reading thru other posts and came across the virtualization one and it dawned on me that my ESX host is running an old build. I am currently running ESX Server 3.5 Build 64607 (right before update 1). I would like to update to UPDATE 5. The ESX host contains seven virtual machines. The VMs are on local disk - there is no SAN and no other host to migrate to . FOr some reason those monies for the SAN and additional ESX host went bye bye. Anyhow I digressed. Since the VM's are not super critical I can perform this upgrade on the weekend thus an outage can be scheduled.

    I am just curious can I simply download the update 5.iso and upgrade or do I have to upgrade to a different version before UPDATE 5 o r do I have to download the .zip version of the upgrade? I have never performed an upgrade before. I use vranger to backup the machines to w in server for tape backup to pick up. Any advice, hints, tips or tricks would be appreciated.

    I also wanted to add that my vcenter 2.5 manages another esx host with the same exact old build in a different geographic location.
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    Re: Upgrading Esx 3.5 to Update 5

    I would backup the VM's and install a fresh copy of U5. then restore the VM's and update the VMware tools. This will probably be faster then upgrading.



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      Re: Upgrading Esx 3.5 to Update 5

      I would also update the vcenter server as well to update 5 - download here

      Download the upgrade package for ESX - here

      An article on how to upgrade - here

      As always before upgrades:
      Backup your DB
      Backup your VM's

      And after all done - update VMware tools on VM's
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        Re: Upgrading Esx 3.5 to Update 5

        Hello here is some information to share. I received this from Vmware tech:
        (I have removed the names to protect the innocent)

        Thank you for your Support Request.
        My name is removed. I will be working with you regarding your question about upgrading to ESX 3.5 Update 5.
        If you are just upgrading a single host, you can just download the .iso and burn it to disk and boot from that. It will detect an existing installation and will prompt you to upgrade. You have the option to change some things, but you usually just leave the defaults and let it do the upgrade (unless you know yo need to make some specific change-- not common). Best practice is to still disconnect the SAN, if you had one (you stated you didn't, so you should be fine there). The upgrade will not need to format the entire file system. You VM's will still be there after the upgrade, but as with any major software upgrade, good backups are always a good idea. All other configuration of the host will also be retained.
        I don't have a specific step-by-step guide for this, but as I mentioned, you can simply boot the server from the disk and follow the prompts in the gui. We do have an "Upgrade guide", but that really covers upgrading from ESX 2.x to 3.5.
        Once the upgrade of the host is done, you will need to upgrade VMware tools on your VM's after the upgrade is complete. You just right-click the VM and select "Install/Upgrade Vmware Tools" .
        If you are already using Update Manager, you could also use that to apply the update to the host.
        That's really all there is to it. If you have any specific questions, please let me know.
        I can be reached either by replying to this email or by calling the toll free number for the region you are currently located in (, selecting option 4 for Technical Support, selecting option 2 and then entering your Support Request number, xxxxxxxxxx. You will be transferred to my direct line.

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