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Migration and Disaster Recovery Planning

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  • Migration and Disaster Recovery Planning

    I have a customer with an existing MS Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard install that is working well, but the hardware it runs on is getting a bit old and I'd like to replace it for better reliability and performance.

    I'd like to set up a VMWare ESXi server, and migrate the existing SBS installation onto it as a guest.

    The reason I'd like to do so is that I believe I can recover the VMWare host and then the guest faster than I could restore a physical native host from an ntbackup. I also believe it could make an eventual migration to SBS 2008 easier to do without extra hardware.

    As a VM noob I'm not sure the backup and recovery tools that I'll need to make backups and to recover the guest disk image file in the event of failure.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? On VMWare's site I see some sophisticated enterprisey looking backup and recovery tools but in the case of this small business it seems there would be a way to simply copy the guest disk image to a network location.

    Anyone doing something similar with SBS?

    Thanks, Will