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How iSCSI is usefull in vmware.

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  • How iSCSI is usefull in vmware.

    I am new in iSCSI and there is no experience about iscsi why we use it and what is its basic purpose? Some one tell me that I can add a virtual hard disk on my guest opersting system which will treate it as a local drive.
    For that purpose I install starwind software

    I have installed Starwind 4.0 in my host computer i.e windows xp . Connect the localhost:3260 and give the password .I add a image File drvice ,assign its name and in the status it is showing Active.

    Now in my guest operating system under vmware workstation 6, i am using windows server 2003, Installed startport.exe Now please guide me that how can I link with my image file device and can see it as a local Hard disk in my virtual Machine i.e windows xp.

    I shall appriciate if u guide me about the steps .

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    Re: How iSCSI is usefull in vmware.

    The reason iscsi is used is becuase when using ESX for more that one server in a cluster you will need to have shared storage between the two.

    For that you have 3 options


    ISCSI + NFS can be run on your current network infrastructure without anything extra needed becuase it all runs over the LAN

    SAN will need additional hardware both on the the host and on the storage part.

    For workstation, this is not really relevant, becuase it ahouls all be running from your local disk drive.
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