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  • Which VM Platform

    Hi All,

    I have ambitions of becoming a MCITP and would like to gain an appreciation for Virtual environments in the process (aiming to become professionally certified). In the past I have studied for a number of MCP modules having filled my house with old pc equipment, I'm happy that this is no longer necessary and look forward to getting to grips with some very interesting technology - Virtualisation.

    I'm sure as with most things there is a right way and a wrong way of going about this, having reviewed the playing field there appears to be a considerable amount of material and an almost bewildering variety different routes to achieving this, I would value your experiences in using Virtual Technology to assist in deciding the best route forward.

    Microsoft - Virtual PC, Virtual Server Hyper v
    VMware - workstation 7, Server 2, V Sphere
    Citrix - xen

    Much appreciated

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    Re: Which VM Platform

    Microsoft if you want to test applications with ease
    VMware if you want to make money someday


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      Re: Which VM Platform

      Knowledge of Hyper-V is (just a bit) required for MCITP, but I do agree with Garen
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        Re: Which VM Platform

        I have no objection to making money, although Virtual infrastructure is interesting it is a means to an end!

        Sound advice.

        I'm trying VMware Server today on Windows 7, not supported I know but I'm hoping it will suffice.