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ESXi and large virtual disks

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  • ESXi and large virtual disks

    Can anyone offer me any advice on creating very large virtual disks for windows guests on esxi?

    I am putting up a new file/print server and would prefer to make it a VM even though it will be the only guest on that host for now. I have 4TB of disk space and want to end up with a volume on the windows server of around 3.8TB. It looks like the only way to create large files is to create a datastore with a larger block size but doing so severely impacts the amount of available free space.

    The server has 2 mirrored internal scsi drives where I will install the core OS (esxi or windows) and an external chassis on a seperate SCSI controller with the 4TB of space (after HW RAID).

    It seems like a bad idea to create a boatload of virtual disks and span them in the windows VM. But it also seems like a bad idea to simply allocate the scsi chassis/controller to the windows vm.


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    Re: ESXi and large virtual disks

    The Maximum size for an ESX VMFS volume is 2Tb (-512B).

    You can create an extent onto that VMFS volume up to 64tb in size (if my memory serves me correctly)

    The size of the block size depends on the size of the files not the size of the file system.

    How big are your largest files?
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