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  • Vm guest backup

    what is the diffrent between backing up in level file the vm
    with backupexec with regular metods or with vcb ?

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    Re: Vm guest backup

    backing up at file level with backup exec, you get a system that's restorable, but needs to have some way of doing that.
    i know with our backup exec, either i can use an IDR boot disk, or i can reinstall the OS, then do the restoration.
    file level restore also gives me the ability to restore single files rather than the whole system.

    a full vmware snapshot will give you a "ghost" image - usually much quicker to re-deploy.

    using file level restore with vRanger in particular,while it works.. is a slower process
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      Re: Vm guest backup

      thanks for your answer but i still dont understand why to use VCB

      how to use it and what are the יתרונות for that ?


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        Re: Vm guest backup

        Hi Nir,

        Unfortunately not everyone in this forum can read Hebrew, so it would be best not to use Hebrew Characters.

        how to use it and what are the יתרונות for that ?
        For those who did not understand - the question was what would be the benefits of using VCB?

        The reasons you would use VCB are:

        • You want full image backups of your Virtual Machines (vmdk)
        • You do not want to load the guest operating system (and therefore the ESX Host) while doing the backup. Imagine performing backups over the network for 20 VM's at the same time through the Hosts Network card.
        • Licensing for a backup agent per vm/per ESX host can become expensive.

        How is this implemented. In short, you install VCB on a Windows Server that will have access to the physical Storage for your VM's. You utlize the API that your BackupExec will know how to utilize to back up the Virtual machines (both Image-level and File level) directly from the storage without any need to go through the VM (guest) operating system.
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          Re: Vm guest backup

          The VCB Backup Practice requires both VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), and shared storage as the foundation of the architecture, such as Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN. With VI3 and shared storage in place, you then can add a dedicated Windows Server 2003 to act as the backup proxy. You then install the VCB software on the Windows Server and provide access to the same SAN Logical Unit Number (LUN) used for the VMware Virtual Disk Files. You must also install the VCB agent on the same Windows Server (one must exist) from your backup application software vendor, and then perform the integration steps provided by VMware
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