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VMWare Network Setup?

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  • VMWare Network Setup?

    So I have a Windows Host. I have Ubuntu 9.04 virtual machine installed. I use Ubuntu and software is the close to the production hosting software. Windows is too different to host a LAMPP server. I run into way to many issues when I roll the code into a linux environment.

    Currently the vmware ubuntu host is setup as Bridged to get the IP address dynamically assigned. I then map to the host machines samba share to my host machine and connect via the ip address to the web server, ftp, ssh, etc..... from the host machine. The problem is when I switch networks or don't have an internet connection. I want the connection IP to stay static on the virtual machine so my host machine always sees and connects to it the same. The machine does not need to be visable to any machines other than the host. Also I would prefer it have internet connection if my machine does. How would I set this up? I'm not good at network stuff, so what I have read online the last couple hours has just confused me and got me no closer. HostOnly, NAT, and Bridged...... Please help!
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    Re: VMWare Network Setup?

    You can use the different VLAN and put the ACL as u like .