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Vmware Server USB problem

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  • Vmware Server USB problem

    Hi there,

    I seem to have a strange Vmware problem. I'm running windows 2003 server as my host OS and also Windows 2003 as guest OS in Vmware Server 2.0.1. The problem is that the Guest OS doesn't reconize anything in it's USB devices. I need to use a USB-dongle in order to run my software, but without USB, this isn't possible. In the devices menu, all USB selections are grayed out. Any ideas of wat to do?

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    Re: Vmware Server USB problem

    are you sure you have a USB device defined for your VM?
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      Re: Vmware Server USB problem

      are you sure you have a USB device defined for your VM?

      If you call this defined:
      1. Open the registry. (Choose Start > Run >regedit.)
      2. Search for your USB device's name or brand in the following registry path:
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\U SB\

        For example, the following output was a result of searching for a Cruzer Mini USB key:
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\U SB\Vid_0781&Pid_7101\00526174
        HardwareID: USB\Vid_0781&Pid_7101&Rev_0102
        LocationInformation: Cruzer Mini
        Mfg: Compatible USB storage device

        Here, the vendor ID is 781 and the product ID is 7101.

      No. I haven't. Hey. This used to work in Vmware Server 1.0.4 without any problems, why doesn't it anymore? And downgrading is NOT a possibility. I keep getting VM's that are created with 2.x versions.


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        Re: Vmware Server USB problem

        I am experiencing the exact same issue.

        (Worked fine in 1.04 / 1.06, but in 2.01 it doesnt work and downgrading is not an option. Nor is upgrading from comapatibility level 4, as I need to keep compatible with ESXi...)

        Any luck?